Terms and Conditions

1 . This general terms and conditions applies to all selling operations made by the waterpark “Oceanile” from l’Epine. Depending on the type of the sell product, specific conditions have to be apply. The waterpark “Oceanile” from l’Epine sells: individual and group tickets. The following general terms and conditions and the particular conditions (depending on the product) are part of the selling contract. Every client from the waterpark “Oceanile” from l’Epine recognize to have the capacity to contract the following described conditions bellow, meaning to have the legal majority and not to be under guardianship or trusteeship. Every client from the waterpark “Oceanile” from l’Epine recognize to know about the following terms and conditions before ordering any product. In this case, ordering or buying tickets leads to the complete understanding the general and specific terms and conditions of the waterpark “Oceanile” from l’Epine and his acceptation without provision.

2 . CLIENT DATA By accepting the general and specific terms and conditions, the client allows the water park “Oceanile” from l’Epine to send him emails to the address registered when he ordered on the website or by any other way of gathering. This subscription might be at any time and with a simple request, cancelled. The client dispose the right to cancelled, rectify and oppositions of this personal data.


3-1 Group reservations

Every type of reservation contract must be sent with a minimum of one week before the visit date: Via e-mail, the mandatory must be completed. Via mail or fax, with written mandatory following mentions: “read and approve”, date, signature and stamp from the company.

3-2 Company committees and affiliate

Every ticket order will written and send via mail, fax or e-mail as a purchase order, mentioning the complete address and localisation of the client, the purchase order validation, date, signature and stamp from the company Purchase Every purchase must be written as a purchase order from the ongoing year, transmitted via mail or e-mail with a payment transfer or check under the name SA Christian BODIN “Oceanile”, it will be mandatory to fill the complete contact information, the purchase, the date of the purchase, the signature and stamp of the company.

4 . BILLING AND PAYMENT According to the law number 98-1442 from the 31/12/1992, every late payment over 30 days after the billing date, will lead to a penalty equal three times the amount of legal interest rate. The amount of flat rate allowance for recovery charges due to late payment is up to 40 euros.

4-1 Groups, company groups, recreation centres and holiday centre and professionals Our permanent bills can be paid the day of the visit at the cashier of the park. In case of delayed payment the client as to engage that he will pay (purchase order document). Without this document the access to the park will be denied.

4-2 Ticket in deposit sale After every season, the waterpark Oceanile bills his tickets the ongoing year price.


5-1 Cancellation ticket for company groups

Every company group order will not be refund, exchange or retaken.

5-2Cancellation ticket for particulars

Every order will be not be refund, exchange or refund. No ticket will be refund, renegotiate in term of price for climate reasons or cancellation of one or other attraction.


6-1 Insurance The waterpark “Oceanile” decline every responsibility for damages after a non-following of the security rules, and for thieves related to object or material brought by any costumer/visitors. Every visitor/client is responsible of the damage that he can cause inside the park during his visit.

6-2 Prices Our prices are with VAT and not combinable with promotional offers. Our prices and benefits can varied due to economic conditions and regulations dispositions. This modifications will not have influence on the in progress transactions.

6-3 Various The group ticket order benefits of a special price. Are concerned by this prices: company groups and professionals. This prices are applicable to every minimum order of 30 children tickets and/or 30 adults tickets.

7 . Litigation The presented terms and conditions are under the French law. Every litigation who cannot be solved with amicable steps will be transfer to a legal exclusive commercial court from La Roche-sur-Yon.